Thursday, October 18, 2012

An Offer: The Conservative Guide To Films

Folks, The Conservative Guide To Films is almost done. It's a rather extensive book with a ton of information that you will find incredibly useful. And I have a deal to offer you. I need reviews of my current two books. (LINK) Anyone who reviews both of those books will get a free copy of the conservative film guide as soon as it's available. The reviews don't need to be long and you can give them any rating you want. No strings attached. I need your help on this!


AndrewPrice said...

Folks, I really do need your help on this. Please leave reviews, get your family and friend to leave reviews. Reviews help a book appear on Amazon's search results and make sales.

If you want to help conservatives invade the culture, this is the way. And it will only take a few minutes and you'll even get a cool book for free out of it

BIG MO said...

Be glad to help. I have Without a Hitch on my Kindle and will start it very soon -- probably on the train home tonight.

AndrewPrice said...

Thanks Big Mo! :) I think you'll like it!

When you review both, just e-mail me and I'll get you a copy of The Conservative Guide To Films as soon as it's ready -- either kindle or paperback.

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