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What's Wrong With Slasher Flicks
And They Were Bored. . . The End
What Makes Us Like Characters
What's Wrong With Black And White?
A Fateful Moment In Star Wars
The End of Toontown
Down With The Apocalypse
What Makes An Actor Great?
Dear Hollywood, Stop the CGI Madness!
Making Books Into Movies
How Not To Build A Spaceship
The Problem With Hollywood Villains (Revised for BH)
The Problems of Action Heroes
The Problem of Sequels
The Addendum Reboot
Twisted Hollywood
Why Superhero Films Are Failing (Revised for BH)
What Constitutes A Conservative Film
Writing Crutch: The Crooked Friend/Partner!
Do People Prefer Spoilers?
Do Fans Have Rights In Films?
The Myth of Foreign Films
The Sound of Inconsistency
The Power of Clichés
Does Tom Cruise Die In War of the Worlds?
Rules for Writing Fiction
How To Remake A Movie/Television Series
Why Modern Literary Fiction Stinks
How To Un-Cliché Your Villain
Characters Who Are Too Stupid To Live
How Not To Create Conflict
Villains?! We Don't Need No Stinking Villains
Why Hollywood Doesn't Care About American Consumers
Hollywood Stumbles. . . Actually, No
Is Hollywood Finally Listening?
Shortchanging Actresses (Revised for BH)
A Chicken In Every Pot, A Gun In Every Film
Liberalism Kills. . . Hollywood Careers?
Why Hollywood Loves Corporate Bad Guys
Comic Book Movies: Nerd Porn. . . Literally
Harry Potter: Conservative Hero (Revised for BH)
Why I've Quit Sitcoms
Not All Publicity Is Good Publicity
Does Disney Hate Parents?
Save Our Heroes
Is Superman Going Gay?
Some Thoughts On Blade Runner
Advertising Ourselves
Is Science Fiction A Genre?
Hollywood: The Political Weathervane
MacGuffin With Cheese
American Mythology
How to outsmart your audience!
A Cynical World
Serial Killers... Ug
Weepy Ain't That Great
Why They Couldn't Make Blazing Saddles Today
Mockery = Failure
Wither Elysium, An Original Property
Liberalism Sucks On Film: Children of Men
Stallone v. Schwarzenegger
Why Only One Type of Racist?
Oh Oh, Ratings Are Down!
Good Does Not Mean Simple
Is Superman v. Batman Impossible To Write?
What Are Modern Storytelling Techniques
In Cars
Why People Prefer New Films
Hollywood and the Holidays
The Lesson of Gene Autry
Ahhhh! They's Brainwashin' Me!!
Noah... This Is God. Riiiiight.
Screw The Cat, Save The Film
Woody Allen: More Proof Americans Are Over Race
Liberal Projection: The Politics of The Purge
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