Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Scott's Posters

Hey folks! I promise there will be a film article this week. Right now though, I want to point out that friend of the site Scott Saslow is selling some of his very cool posters here ==> LINK. If you're at all interested, check it out. They are very well done and might look good hanging in your house!


ArgentGale said...

Neat stuff! I definitely got a laugh out of Demolition Man and Heathers (even though I've only seen the former). Definitely keep up the good work, Scott! I'll be keeping an eye on the shop and I'll be sure to grab something if it catches my eye. Also, if you don't mind me asking, Scott, didn't you post a site where you got a lot of movie shirts a while back? I forgot the link but I liked their Highlander shirt a lot and was thinking about getting it if they still have it.

- Daniel

ScottDS said...

Thanks for the linkage, Andrew! I want to stress that this is all a work in progress. The site itself is not perfect and I'm learning the ins and outs of it. I will be adding some more posters in the near future.

Daniel - Thanks for the kind words! The website for the shirts is lastexittonowhere.com.

ArgentGale said...

Thanks, Scott! Looks like they don't have the Highlander one (though it seems like other companies have done their own take on it) but they do have an Army of Darkness one that I actually like better! I might just go for it. =)

- Daniel

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