Monday, September 28, 2015

Matt Damon On Diversity

Matt Damon is a leftist turd, but you knew that. He's one of the few actors whose politics is so noxious that I can no longer separate him from the roles he plays. Well, old Matt just exposed exactly how he thinks about diversity, and it ain't pretty. This is really enlightening actually.

Here's what happened. Matt Damon partook in a panel discussion on an HBO show for something called "Project Greenlight." The group is looking for new film talent and discusses projects that have been submitted to them. While sitting on the panel, a black chick film producer named Effie Brown criticized one of the projects they reviewed for having only one black character: a prostitute who "gets hit by her white pimp." She then suggested that the group better be careful who they pick to direct this project. Why you might ask? Honestly, who cares. This is what the race-baiting left does; it divides the world according to racial hypersensitivity and tries to tell the world what color everyone must be, and honestly I couldn't care less about what those racist bastards want. F-them. But that's not why we're here.

We're here because Matt Damon disagreed. Oh yes, he did. Damon responded that they should hire the best director available and that diversity "is what you do in the casting of the movie, not the casting of the show." In other words, diversity only matters when hiring the people who will appear in the film, it doesn't matter when hiring the people who will make the film. Or as others have translated this: "Actor Matt Damon has come under fire for suggesting it is important to consider diversity when casting films - but not when considering those behind the camera."


Naturally, Effie freaked out as did other perpetually outraged race baiters. Of course, they freaked out for the wrong reasons, but their howling was enough to make Damon apologize. //snicker snicker Live by the baiting, die by the baiting.

Anyways, what interests me is what Damon said. Let us use this to peer into his twisted little weasel soul. Notice two things about the good hypocrite. First, diversity doesn't actually matter to Damon. If it did, he would want diversity everywhere on general principle, not just in one strategic place. Imagine that. Here is a card carrying member of the far left, a guy who angrily advocates everything from economic slavery for other rich people to taking your stuff in the name of environmental nazism to all kinds of nasty racist crap. And here he says that diversity, the Holy Grail of leftist identity politics only matters sometimes. Fascinating. So the whole identity politics is BS after all?! Wow, who could have seen that coming? Oh, that's right. Anyone on the right who couldn't help but notice that leftists never practice what they preach.

Secondly, ask yourself why he makes this distinction between before and behind the camera. The answer is further hypocrisy. The reason he wants diversity in the ranks of those you see on film is to promote the pro-diversity propaganda. He wants Americans to see the diversity so they accept his pro-diversity view. Yet, behind the scenes, he doesn't care at all. In other words, Damon thinks it's important to push diversity onto the public through films, but away from the public, he's actually opposed to the very view he's pushing as he wants to go for the most qualified rather than the most qualified of the right race. Just like his stances on taxes, eating the rich, environmentalism and everything else, he wants his views imposed on the public, but doesn't believe they should be applied to him and his friends. He's a hypocrite. Welcome to the left.



AndrewPrice said...

BTW, Damon has now angered gays by basically saying that gay actors should stay in the closet. Here's a fun leftist article taking him to task for this. Ha ha!


Anonymous said...

There's nothing sweeter than seeing a liberal hoisted on their own petard. And the more pompous assed the liberal the sweeter it is to watch. Damon is a particularly pompous ass. I remember a few years ago when he inserted hiimself into some issue where he had no business. I forget the particulars,but he waded in and said that the whole thing eas "intrinsically paternalistic." I remember thinking at the time that the phrase "intrinsically paternalistic" had no application to the situation and that the dumbass was trying to impress the media by using big words.
What I do think is intrinsically paternalistic are his views on race and gays.

AndrewPrice said...

GypsyTyger, I love it too. I think it's fantastic when one of these leftist assholes gets trapped in their own garbage and then gets savaged by the other hateful creatures they helped spawn.

As for Damon personally, you defined him perfectly when you said he's "a particularly pompous ass." That's him. I'm not sure there's anyone I despise more in Hollywood except maybe Sean Penn.

tryanmax said...

It is hard to top Sean Penn. Damon at least seems affable if you can avoid polarizing topics. Penn is a cold fish.

Jason said...

So Rupert Everett's career went downhill because he outed himself? And here I thought it was for being in the Inspector Gadget movie. :P

AndrewPrice said...

tryanmax, I used to see Damon as more affable, but of late, he's come across as intensely bitter in all of his interviews, even when politics isn't being discussed.

AndrewPrice said...

Jason, LOL! Yeah, I tend to think film choice was the bigger issue for Everett.

wulfscott said...

You say he's already apologized? Affleck, a good progressive, will not learn from this, it's not enough pain to cause him to question his worldview. I'm sure, though, that like Trotsky and Robespierre, he thought that being a member of the group meant the rules didn't apply to him.
The progressives have goals so lofty, so good and glorious, that any sacrifice is worth it to achieve them - as long as it's you and I making the sacrifices. They, as the visionaries, do not make the sacrifices because someone has to lead. And if the sacrifices don't achieve those goals (which they never do), obviously more sacrifice is necessary. From us, never them.
It's never a mistake in their beliefs, either, as that could mean that their beliefs are wrong and that they, then, are not the great, upright, moral leaders they think they are. Why, in that case, they may not even be necessary!
So when something like this happens, I do get out the popcorn and enjoy the show. I would like it better if he showed some sign of self-awareness, an ability to examine his beliefs, but I have better odds of winning the lotto.

USS Ben USN (Ret) said...

Ha ha ha! Matt Damon is even stupider than I thought he was, and that's saying something. I wonder how he explains the success of gay stars that aren't Rupert Everett? Not only is Damon a hypocrite but he's about as idiotic as they come.
I hope the leftist piranhas continue to swarm Damon, because this is fun to watch.

AndrewPrice said...

wulfscott, He's not going to learn anything. As you note, progressives always think that all the rules they want are meant to control other people... never themselves. Why? Because it's the other people who are wrong and need to be changed. They know their own intentions are pure no matter how nasty they are, so they don't need to be changed.

AndrewPrice said...

Ben, Everette is the only gay star, isn't it? ;-)

shawn said...

The interesting thing about this is Damon's lack of awareness that he was on camera when he said this. He realizes that modern Hollywood's job is to put forth the liberal agenda, and then undermines that very agenda by saying "I want the best person for the job".

I happen to agree with Damon in saying that the more public an actor/actress is, the harder it is to buy them in some roles.

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